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In the articles presented below I will discuss the concepts and techniques involved in creating specific images. Click on the buttons to the left to view the articles.

Close-Up Collage - We're all suppose to be recycling, aren't we?

Altered Reality - You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into the (watch photo) Twilight Zone.

Making a virtual Woody - Ever wanted to know what the Seiko Orange Monster would look like with a wooden dial? No? Well, you must be the only person who hasn't! Don't look in here then.

A Different Viewpoint - composite watch images - Here I demonstrate a technique which allows the display of multiple aspects of watches within the one image. Do you have a nice watch with a display back? This could be for you!

X-Ray Watch Images - You know that you wanted a pair of X-ray Specs when you were a kid! Well, here's a way to recapture your youth, and create some interesting watch images along the way. Please use this technique responsibly.

Capturing the Glow - luminous markings - Part of ther allure of a watch can be the glow of the luminous markers at night. Capturing that glow photographically isn't always as straightforward as we'd like. In this article I demonstrate a method that allows a good degree of control over the resulting illuminating images.

Home Decoration - virtual movement striping - Ever wanted to tizzy up a dull-looking movment? Have you dreamed of becoming a virtual watchmaker? No? Oh well, then this article probably isn't for you. Move along, please.

Lord of the Crowns - push that crown in! - Crowns can be a problem. Pull them out to hack a movement and, sure, the hands will stop moving but you'll be left with the crown poking out. Well, that ain't necessarily so. Read on, McDuff!

A Touch of Colour - Your watch photos needn't be restricted to true colours. Part of the delight of digital photography is the freedom it gives us to alter reality. In this article I muck about with colour to my heart's content.

Spotlight and Shadow - virtual lighting effects - "Overture, curtains, lights...!" Put your watches in the spotlight, or shadow, as the case may be. Here are some virtual lighting techniques.

Space Flight - a composite watch image - How do you make a watch fly through space? First off it has to want to, and secondly, your imagination is the only boundary. In this article I trace the construction of a composite fantasy watch image, (no, not that sort of fantasy!)

Excalibur - the sword in the ...? - I do get some odd ideas at times, and this is definitely one of them. Remember, he who can draw the sword from the watch shall become King!

Liftoff! - a watch as helipad - This one is a bit odd, too. I'd jokingly thought that you could probably land a helicopter on some of these new large watches. Well, now that's an idea...!

The Evolution of a Watch Image - Some watch images can evolve through various versions over time. In this article I give just one example that I have worked on over more than a year.

Behind the Scenes with Bart - Don't have a cow, man! See how Bart helps me out with a whimsical watch photo project.

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