Close-up Collage

What can you do with a 1/2 Mb digicam? Well, it's certainly limiting. At the time of writing this it is common for consumer digicams to have resolutions of around 8 to 10 Mb. That wasn't always so. It wasn't all that long ago when acceptable resolution was under 1 Mb. In fact my first digicam was a Sony Mavica with only 1/2 Mb resolution and it stored the image files on a standard floppy disk built into the camera. Things have moved fast in digital photography technology.

For all the lack of resolution that old Mavica was a pretty capable camera. I first got into macro watch photography by adapting it with the addition of photographic enlarger lenses to boost the close-up optical capability. You can see an old article on this HERE. I happened across these close-up photos in my archives recently and thought I might be able to put them to use in a collage. Given the low resolution they would not stand enlargement and so I reduced them in size and in Paint Shop Pro Pro put together the 5 x 6 grid of images you see below. Talk about recycling!

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