I thought the Seiko Orange Monster could do with a woodgrain insert on the dial. Why? Why not?

This was all done in Paint Shop Pro. At left you can see the original image in all its glory. The dial had a clearly defined inner section onto which I could apply the woodgrain effect. I thought a I could achieve a wood colour that sat well with the orange.

In this image I have selected the whole dial, including areas that won't eventually be woodgrained, and have applied a woodgrain texture via the Texture tool. In order to ensure the grain ran horizontally across the dial I rotated the image before applying the texture. At this point I haven't altered the colour.

Here you can see that the colour has been altered to a mid-brown by use of the Colorize tool.

To complete the image I layered the woodgrain image over the original image and then selected and erased the areas in which I did not want the woodgrain to show, giving the result shown below.

By the way, I had a go at doing this for real on a watch some time back. Click on the pic at left to see how I fared.

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Copyright 2006 Paul Delury