Photographic basics

In this section I will discuss techniques applicable generally in watch photography. Some will be very basic, some a little more involved. Click on the buttons to the left to view the articles.

Watch Photo Backgrounds - What's in the background is important - some options illustrated.

Simple Strap Propping - A technique for helping straps look good.

The JPEG format - Important info for watch photographers on maintaining image quality.

Selective Exposures - a useful technique. - Selectively utilising multiple exposures to offer image solutions.

Should I use the Flash? - A common question from beginning watch photographers and an issue that probably leads to many disappointing images. I give my views and explain the pros & cons of this type of lighting.

Depth of Field - with application to watch photography - Depth of Field relates to the amount of an image that is rendered in acceptable focus. This becomes especially important when dealing with close-up photography of watches. This article explains Depth of Field and the ways it can be controlled to give the results you want.

Controlled Diffusion - lighting for watch photography - This article deals with diffusion of the light source(s) in watch photography. Lighting small, shiny, objects can be a challenge and the techique discussed allows a degree of control over the nature of the light.

Colour Correction - white balancing for digital photography - Light sources have different colour temperatures. Ever noticed that your watch photos have an odd colour cast to them? This article discusses the issue of white balancing to correct this.

Cutting Through the Glare - a post-processing technique - Reflection and glare can be the bane of a watch photographers life. With so many curved and shiny surfaces it's little wonder. In this article I examine a post-processing technique that can be of assistance.

Combo Frames - watch image collages - This is a method of presentation which allows themed images to be grouped together. The basic concept could be used for any images, not just watches.

Composition - the rule of 3 - A compositional tool that dictates there be 3 points of interest in a picture.

Composition - circular composition - A composition tool I find handy for tying together the elements of an image.

Photoshopped? - a personal statement on image editing - Just what it says.

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