Wecome to Timezone.com's Girard-Perregaux Image Gallery. This is a quick reference guide to the diverse Girard-Perregaux lineup of wristwatches. To see a high resolution (640x480) photo, simply click on the thumbnails.

This gallery was composed from the 2003-2004 GP Yearbook, 2005-2006 SIHH new releases, and 2007 new novelties from this year’s SIHH conference, along with the generous photo submissions from Timezone's participating Girard-Perregaux forum members.

Please Note: All images are used with permission and subject to copyright. No image may be reproduced or used outside of Timezone.com without permission. Thank you and Enjoy!

photo23_small.jpg photo24_small.jpg t216117_small.jpg photo25_small.jpg
chronographe_carrcambr_24980_small.jpg opera_one_99760_small.jpg opera_three_99790_small.jpg opera_two_99740_small.jpg
rd01_49930_small.jpg retourenvol_49580_small.jpg seahawkiijh_49910_small.jpg seahawkii_49900_small.jpg
seahawkiipro_49940_small.jpg tourbillon_3pontsdor_99250_small.jpg tourbillon_sous3ponts_99060_small.jpg traveller_ii_49350_small.jpg
type375_80520_small.jpg richeville_small.jpg photo26_small.jpg photo27_small.jpg

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