I've used some pretty unusual items as props in my watch photos over the past years. There's really no rules to this. The props are sometimes sourced specifically to go with a certain watch or concept but at other times there's not a lot of rhyme nor reason about it. Sometimes a prop just cries out to be used! Below is a selection of images in which the props are a little unusual, or a lot. I've offered some witty comments also (at no extra cost).

This figurine was spied while waiting in the queue at the local supermarket. I tucked it away for later use...as illustrated. Let Bart tell you all about it here.

Well, I had the miniature bottles left over from another shot. A Russian watch seemed as appropriate as any.

A novelty ring with the evil eye. The eye was actually blue but I coloured it red to match the red seconds hand on the watch.

The Bulova Thermatron was an early (1982) attempt at producing a body-heat powered watch. I wanted a prop that suggested heat/power and settled on a light globe. We use bayonet fittings here but I got a screw version as I think they look better. The globe was unlit and I "lit" it virtually, as explained here.

I think these 10 size Hamilton pocket watch movements are little gems. Heck, I think they're BIG gems! The jewel is plastic, from a novelty shop (great places for unusual props!).

You just can't get enough of that marvellous Duff! A local brewery made-up these Duff cans (with real beer inside) as seen on "The Simpsons" TV show. I bought a six pack for $10 and, as I don't drink beer, gave away all but this one which I kept as a possible prop. Apparently lawyers for "The Simpsons" found out about the operation and shut down production of these cans as no license had been obtained. They have since become collectors items and a six pack would go for $hundreds!

Ahhh, a cute cuddly teddy bear! This shot reminds me of when posters on TZ ask if a 45mm watch would look OK on their skinny wrist.

Well, it worked last time - why not again? I also got to practice my virtual spotlight technique, details here.

This image was shot for a TZ Easter greetings post. I used a polished stone that was shaped like an egg. The little fluffy chicks came off a chocolate Easter egg. Who said finding props can't also be tasty?

A novelty pack of matches (usually named "Redheads"). Just a bit of fun.

Ever on the lookout for props, I thought I could once again us the old "old dinosaurs" concept (dino and vintage watch...geddit?). You can read all about it here, should you be having a particularly dull day.

This was quite an involved image, as explained here. The scale is a pencil sharpener obtained from a supermarket. It was a suitable size to hold the pocket watch.

Balls! Coloured balls at that. Well, they weren't coloured to begin with. I got a bag of green glass spheres from a decorator shop and applied pastel tones to some via editing software. Why?... Why is a duck?

This is really an odd one. I used a small toy helicopter to create a watch image that had been in my mind for some time. All the unfathomable details can be found here.

While we're on odd ones, how about this? It's my turn on the old Arthurian "Sword in the Stone" legend. Sir Bedevere will guide you through the why's and whereforart thou's here.

Finally in this batch we have a simple setup using a guitar/clock widjit that I thought might work OK in a watch photo.

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