I have been playing around with one of the plug-in filters in Paint Shop Pro. This one is "Collage" by Virtual Painter and provides a finish akin to painting on canvas. I like to see my photos in another light and thought this filter held some promise. However, used by itself, even at its most subtle setttings, the results lacked sufficient detail to satisfy me. I refined the results somewhat by layering the original image over the Virtual Painter version and adjusting the layer opacity until I arrived at a mix of painting and original detail that I liked.

Below you can see an illustration of the process. The original image is to the left and the Virtual Painter Collage version to the right. The result of layering these two images together is shown beneath them.

Below are more examples of watch images that have received similar treatment.

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Watches from the collections of Rob B, TomG. and myself.

Copyright 2007 Paul Delury